Black screen while installing Fedora 17
Published on August 17 2012
Black screen laptop

I have had my Acer 5736Z for probably about 2 years and half or so. For a while I had this problem of my screen going black whenever I tried installing any version of Fedora higher than Fedora 14. This kept me stuck to my 'old-boring' so to speak version of Fedora. I also found out that the problem still persisted while trying to install any version of Ubuntu above 10.04.

This is not an actual fix for the problem. It is more or less a temporal one if you really need to run a Fedora 14+ or Ubuntu 10.04+ or any other linux version which has the same problem on your Acer laptop. My close buddy was the one who accidentally figured this out and it really helped me out because am now running Fedora 17!!!. I thought it wise to share incase anyone has a similar problem.

Fix: Adjust the screen brightness during the Power On Self Test (POST) i.e. set it to a little bit high or low than its default by using the keyboard hot-keys for adjusting brightness. For example in my case I hold down function key (Fn) then push the right arrow key (->) once or twice or even the left arrow (<-) one, whichever you choose.

When installing Fedora for example, before you choose the boot device to boot from (usually from DVD), adjust the screen brightness to a level up or down then proceed with your installation. For some reason, the black screen will not show. That's it!!!

Note: You will have to repeat this simple procedure everytime when booting into your installed system to avoid getting the black screen

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